Okay you’re moving to another part of Glasgow. It could be you’re a businessman and want to me closer to the office, you could be starting a family, It can be for a number of reasons that you’re moving home and it’s a mixture of stress and excitement. You need to ask yourself, when is the best time to move to avoid the stress that comes with it. Here at Tequiero Glasgow, we’ve come up a plan to help you through this confusing conundrum.

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The time of year is important to think about when moving

When moving it can be confusing when thinking about the best time to move. What does that even mean? Well what we mean is, by the least disruption caused to your life and the cost of the whole exercise.

We think the best time to move is either in fall or spring. During these periods, it’s less business than summer and much easier to transport goods than in the cold harsh winters that we can sometimes get. If you’re looking for a removals Glasgow firm, Edinburgh-based Guardian are the team to call on.  Using removal companies during these months is also cheaper as there is less demand for their service.

Try and avoid moving on the weekends too. It costs more as it’s busier.

The School Year

With the kids around it’s important to move at the right time. It’s a challenge in itself. By working around the school year, there’s less disruption to their studies. Although summer is more expensive as we previously mentioned, moving during summer gives your kids time to say goodbye (if they’re moving school) and they get to finish off exams etc without the stress of a house move.

Avoid moving during holidays

You might have already thought about this but avoid moving during religious or public holidays such as Christmas, Easter etc. The roads will be very busy during these times with families travelling around the city and country.

What else to think about?

Deciding what removal company to use is important too.  Check out pricing, reviews and all the small details of the services which they offer.

We hope you’ll use all the information on this blog when deciding when you should move home. Please stay up to date for other hints and tips on everything on Glasgow life.



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