This is the old age debate, which is the better type of office to breed productivity? The open or closed office? What will give your organisation that extra push to stay ahead of rival companies? What do you think will work for you in the long run in terms of success and longevity for your business? There’s a bunch of things you should think about when considering your choice. It involves things such as how much will it cost, the office culture and more.

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The cost of the open office

One of the tasks you need to think about is the cost of setting up a closed of open office. Choosing the open office design is much cheaper than the closed office. It’s much easier keeping the place warm, setting the office up and keeping it cool in the summer. Another advantage is you can change up the open office whenever you want without cost. The open office also allows for more space so you can have a smaller space with more employees with the rent for the office costing much less.

Having office privacy for meetings etc.

If your business needs to conduct meetings in private, out of the earshot of other employees, then your best idea would be the closed office.  If you’re wanting to take an important business call or even catch up with other work mates then a secluded room enables this.  They say that fewer distractions happen in the closed office design too. A closed office is also better if you’re wanting to deal with any HR Issues. HR Services are a great company to use if you’re needing help with HR. They’re based not far from Glasgow.

Office communication

For companies to continue to function and even grow, communication is needed. Communication happens better in an open office environment. This also helps better relations between employees and employers.

We would say for your typical Glasgow office, it’s better to design an open office environment.


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