Scotland and Glasgow is a place with a rich history in business and great customer service.  Another success story of the area is the Clydebank Cooperative.  The Clydebank Co-op is the smallest of all the customer co-operatives in Scotland. Based over in Clydebank, they’re one of the driving businesses in the area, employing lots of people from the local vicinity.  The Clydebank Cooperative is one of the 3 cooperatives in Scotland and it’s the only one that’s not been nationalised which is quite a story in itself.  The other co-operatives are Scotmid and the Co=operative Group.

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Another interesting fact about this cooperative is the fact that it isn’t part of the Co-operatives UK which is unusual for a cooperative within the United Kingdom.  When the cooperative was established back in 1881 it did join the Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society which is similar to Co-operatives UK.

Up until the end of 2013 the company had an arrangement of buying with the Cooperative Retail Group which is a buying group from the Co-operative Group.  They then switched it up and now brand they’re six stores under the Keystore brand.

This business is one that’s part of the community in Clydebank and it’s organisation’s like this that keep towns alive and kicking. The company’s headquarters rents space out to other businesses too so it’s an organisation that encourages growth and profit for other local businesses.

The Clydebank Coop also has other business interests such as their funeral plans Glasgow based funeral directors.

Let’s hope the Clydebank Cooperative goes from strength to strength like it has done in the past.

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